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UB Holding's

Achievements can be attributed to our skilful combination of foresight, preparedness, expertise and appetite for progress.

We have consistently demonstrated our talents as well as our commitment to our stakeholders by developing core sectors, both industrial and retail, and organizing and driving charitable initiatives.

UB Holding's

It takes a certain kind of business acumen to manage the shifting dynamics inherent in an emerging market and to meet the challenges of its population.

Time and time again, we have demonstrated that we have what it takes to succeed.

We Offer UB HOLDING Expertise with Years of Experience

We believe in building businesses and expanding into sectors which contribute to emerging economies and their citizens in meaningful ways. Throughout our years of experience, we’ve seen firsthand that there are basic requirements needed to elevate economies as they mature. We therefore invest our time and efforts in developing these mission-critical resources.


The one constant in life is change, and this is acutely true in emerging markets. Circumstances change constantly, and the only companies which are successful are those which understand and accept this truth and which know how to leverage the dynamism in order to grow. It’s an instinct – one that UB Holding is proud to claim.


Any successful business venture first identifies then capitalizes on existing beneficial circumstances.

We have the insight and analytical mindset to evaluate on-the-ground conditions and pursue ventures that will have significant impact.


We believe in building businesses and resources which adhere to internationally-recognized standards in order to ensure safety, quality and true user value. In so doing, we apply our own experience-enriched expertise, we partner with global industry leaders for guidance, and we hire the most capable team members available.