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OIl TradIng & Storages

We power economies.

We believe that reliable sources of energy are essential to progress, so we work hard to lay the groundwork for an improved quality of life and contribute to productive, sustainable economies.

Oil and gas are necessary to power businesses and communities.

UB Holding provides a significant proportion of our region’s energy to meet the growing demand for heating, lighting and transport, which are necessary for the basic principles of everyday life.

UB Holding is a

key participant in regional energy fulfillment. We are optimally organized so as to bring about the most significant positive impact for the communities we serve.

Oil Storage

Storage terminals are designed to meet the company’s expanded activities and high internal operating standards. All our storage facilities comply with international health, safety, and environmental standards. UB Holding brings together the most recent developments in storage technology with technical experience to offer service substructures such as a private tanker heating system, commodity exchange, blending, additive injection, at-site inspections, quick loading-unloading and a truckloading gantry system – all of which add real, measurable value and enhance our customers’ efficiency, profitability and competitiveness.

Our terminals are laboratory equipped with the highest technology to ensure reliable test results, and our automatic gauging system has been in commission since 2013. All storages are equipped with level and temperature sensors. The ATG (Automatic Tank Gauging System) and HHLA (High High Level Alarm) systems in place eliminate human error. The system is designed to display information and detail parameters on a tank-by-tank or group-of-tanks basis. It provides the opportunity to control terminal operations at all levels and increase our Tank Farm Management performance.