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“Providing a proper education to our region’s children lays the foundations for improving the lives of many and instills individuals, as well as collective, dignity and self-reliance…a gift that keeps on giving! ”
Hadi Nezir, UB Holding Chairman
In 2011, the Foundation began building and renovating schools in Northern Iraq. Completed schools are turned over to the Ministry of Education for administration, so no schools are actually operated by UB Foundation or UB Holding. As such, neither UB Foundation nor UB Holding exerts any influence on the curriculum, teachers, teaching methods and administration of the schools.

As of the end of 2014,

a total of 1,679 students attend classes at schools completed by UB Schools accommodate student populations from fewer than 100 to more than 300. To date, 7 schools have been completed, 3 are underway and 2 others are scheduled. Number of students in each classroom range from 6 to 18.

Medical University Scholarship

In addition to constructing and reconstructing schools in the Kurdish region of Iraq, UB Foundation also awards university scholarships. In 2014 UB Holding Foundation is funding all expenses (tuition, housing, books, supplies, meals) for 12 students from University of Kurdistan Hewlêr, UKH to attend medical school at Medical University of Graz (Austria). With this support, UB Holding Foundation aims to contribute to modern medical education and the improvement of the healthcare sector in the Kurdish Region of Iraq.
“My dream is that by the time I’m 80 years old we’ll have built 80 schools.”
Hadi Nezir, UB Holding Chairman